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Hi there

Looks like I was a bit too optimistic, hoping to install a B13 GA16DE aftermarket exhaust header from eBay onto my B12 coupe's GA16i. I've read it's been done before and that it should fit fairly well, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
I need help/opinions on either if it is even possible or worth the trouble to install, and how should one do it.

To start off, while the top part goes right onto the block, the ends under the car doesn't match at all. I have pictures.
There is like a 10cm space between them, also an angle difference. Is there a way to make them connect? The shop was thinking about using the original manifold's end, and welding it onto the aftermarket one to make them meet. That would mean cutting both the original and the aftermarket one, into pieces, but may that work?
This piece would also require some cutting or something, because currently it collides with the new manifold. I don't know what it is called exactly, but it's the "beam" going under the engine. The tow hook under the front bumper seems to be connected to it, if that makes it easier to identify. So anyway, would cutting this part cause any problems?
Also it seems to be way too close to the alternator, and as it doesn't have a heat shield, I was wondering if the heat could damage the alternator. Is that something I should worry about?

Also there is the obvious absence of an AIV hole, but I knew about that and was thinking to simply leave that out. But the EGR pipe would probably require some cutting to make it fit, because it also doesn't reach.

What do you guys think? Is it possible to make this work, or should I just forget about it? The reason I wanted it because my original manifold was cracked anyway, but if this aftermarket one doesn't worth the trouble, then I may just need to get the original one welded. Though then buying the aftermarket one was a waste of money, so I would be happy if I could make it work. Opinions?
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