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i just bought a 1990 300zx N/A w/ 96000 miles on it for $ it is the "rare" white body and red interior....the guy is old and rich so he just wanted to get rid of it so he could put a downpayment on his volvo....o yea and he hasn't driven it for 2 years....but i couldn't pass the deal up so i got it....NOW.....everytime i drive the car it dies on me....i put in my OPTIMA RED TOP in it and it still dies on me.....i'm getting my 120k service done by my good friend next week hopefully that fixes the problem.....i'm guessing either the alternator or the fuel filter may be clogged since both the CATS are clogged which is not letting me revv over 2000 rpms.....if you fellow Z drivers know what else may be the problem please let me know.....
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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