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best advice I could give to you that will save you alot of money in the longrun is to get an engine swap. Sounds like your going to need a new lower harness as well. So I would say pick an engine and then buy a radiator that corresponds with that engine. I would suggest the cheap route of going CA18DET. One of the cheapest turbo engine swaps. I would also find a good reputable shop in florida to do the work for you. No offense, but your post leads me to believe that your probably not going to be able to conquer the task.An engine swap may seem a bit drastic, but in the end probably alot cheaper. If you tried to sell your car as is right now, you'd lose money on it. Either way your losing money on it, but in the end an engine swap will pay off in your favor. For more information on engine swaps please do a search.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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