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Hi all. I really hope someone can help. I searched and found some great info but none of it directly addresses my problem.

Yesterday and today I have been replacing the water pump and timing belt on our 3.3L 98 pathfinder. I could not get the marks to line up before removing the old belt so I went ahead with the process and figured if not got moved everything would be ok. Well in the process of putting the new belt on the right cam shat (look at the engine not sitting in the driver seat) popped counter clockwise. We moved it back to about where it had been before hand and put everything back together.

Well as you can guess it does not run right, it runs but sounds like a tracotr or diesel engine. I know I need to pull it apart again but but how do I make sure I get everything lined up right?

Do I just line up all of the marks and go from there?
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