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Hey guys.

A few days ago my car started acting up. I was on the highway and all of a sudden the service engine soon light came on on the dash, and the car slowed down. I was stepping on the gas and it would not go past 1500 rmp. I managed to get the car home goign 20 km an hour, driving on the shoulder. when i got home i turned the car on and tried reving it, it will not rev but it runs fine. Yesterday i put in gas line antifreeze and that solved the reving problem, but the engine light was still on. Yesterday I started the car and it turned on fine, then it shook a bit almost shut off but didnt, I then tried reving and still that same problem.

Today the car would not even turn on. So i got more gasline antifreeze and after I poured that in the tank it turned on, but still the same reving problem.

Here are the codes i pulled


Is it possible that my Pathfinder has water in the tank, or is it something else.

Your help is highly appreciated.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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