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I have a 2005 Path...LE and I cannot get my power mirrors to work. I checked the fuse, but it looks good. Just to be safe, I changed it and still nothing. Has anyone had or have this problem? How can I fix it? Does it just need a new switch? Any help will be very appreciated.

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The mirrors operate with a small motor with a work gear setup for the X-Y axis rotation. The issue is either the lubricant caused swelling of the gears or the heated element caused it. In either case the gear (about the size of a quarter) is just a bit too big for the case that houses it and the motors cant compensate. They are $45.00 each for the assembly...or you could fix it for free....

1. The mirror is hinged at the top and button fixed at the bottom. put fingers under it and pull it out from the bottom and it will lift off the upper hinges.
2. Remove 3 screws holding the assembly to the mirror shell
3. Disconnect the 2 mirror control wires (they will just pop out anyways) and remember what colors go where.
4. Disconnect the connector to the harness.
5. Unscrew the white ball socket holding the mirror holding mechanism
6. Pull off the frame with the rubber seals
7. Pry gently the 2 tabs to separate the case. Pay attention to where the contents is located.
8. Clean off the white grease. ( replaced it with a very light coat of dialectric silicone grease)
9. The outer case where the spur gears go through needs to be expanded. Get a dremel tool with a round stone bit. grind it down around the circle channel where the gear fits until the gear fits in and moves easily. go slowly and be patient...
10. Grease lightly and try it.
11. Reassemble. Make sure to tuck the rubber seals in the channel with a dental pick or small nail..they will go back in the channel easily..

have fun!
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