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First of all, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Second, sorry if my English is kinda sucky.

Got myself a new car stereo today, put it in quite fast, worked right away. "How nice", I thought to myself when I put the key into the ignition. Turned the key, nothing happens. I`m hearing clicking sounds from somewhere under the hood, to the right. I guess that`s supposed to be there. I`ve checked every fuse I could find (inside the car and under the hood to the right), looked at the wiring... Can`t think of anything else to do. It all looks fine. But in fact, I don`t know a lot about cars. What happened was this: I connected the electrical wire at my battery, the one that goes to the amp. Me, being a moron at the time, managed to connect the + and the - at the battery with the wire I was talking about, sending a few sparks.. First I thought I blew a fuse, but all of them are fine, as far as I can see.

Anyone here that can tell me what to do?
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