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First of all, I know this goes along the line of Captain Obvious, but bear with me...

My girlfriend bought a 2000 Sentra GXE... It was badly taken care of and I didn't want her to get it, but her 91 Sentra did so well for her before she ran in to the back of someone else at 254,000 miles, and she was in a bind and needed a car...

So anyway, she bought it and 3 months later the car is starting to miss... I go grab new plugs and pull the old ones... Trying to put the new ones in and they aren't seeming to turn in smooth past a certain point. So I pull the new plug out and compare it to the old. The new plug is at least a half inch longer!

Freaking out that NAPA gave me the wrong plug, I went in there and had them verify part numbers. Apparently the previous owner had installed the shorter 2.0 plugs.

So I'm guessing the threads in the head have soot and crap all over them from the shorter plugs. I'm still rather paranoid as to which is the right plug and don't really want the plug impacting the piston, so I just put in a new set of 2.0 plugs.

The car runs fine, but I'm sure it's not the optimum configuration... Not knowing any difference besides the length of the plug I can't say as to any certainty whether I can just leave them in for awhile or if I should go get the right plugs and work through the thread problems in the head from the short plugs. Any thoughts?
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