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I think I need to replace my P/S pump , the bearings a making a high pitched noise that comes and goes.
Anyway, I found a local place that sells them. I looked at the picture on the web and it does not have a pulley on it.
How is the pulley removed from this pump?
Do I need a special tool?
Do I have to remove the pulley before I remove the pump
or can I remove it after I get it out?
Thank you for any help!

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Are you sure its the ps pump? Might be the belt tensioner. Witch is close to the ps pump.
I believe that the pulley is pressed onto the pump
If you are sure it is the pump, you can remove the pump, remover the retaining nut/bolt, and then pound the pulley off. Or just go buy or rent a pulley removal tool. Make life much easier.

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pulley wobbling

say by any chance would anybody know what might be causing my PS pulley to wobble? I've had install new gate belts when installing my UR pulley, then retighten them few hundred miles there after now I see the pulley wobbling a lil making a lil noise. NE1?
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