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Hey guys. I don't have a very deep mechanical knowledge, so bear with me please.

I noticed the other day that my P/S fluid was getting real low, so naturally I added more fluid to the reservoir. A few days later I checked it again, and it was noticeably lower than where I had previously added. I asked a buddy of mine that is a mechanic at a local BMW dealership to check it out. He found a lot of fluid was leaking from the large hose in the back of the engine.

Can yall look at this picture and tell me whether this is referred to as the P/S Pressure Hose?

I've been looking online, and if that is indeed the Pressure Hose, then that sucker ain't cheap! My friend already said he would change it for me, but geez, $200 just for a hose. Any suggestions on how I could get this part for cheaper?

Thanks lot for your help. This is only my 2nd posting, but the community has been extremely helpful for me in the past.
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