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Power Steering pressue hose removal

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I am trying to replace a leaking power steering pressure hose on 89 Maxima SE. I already have the replacement hose, but I cannot get to the nut both that secures this hose to the pump. I have tried from under the car with an 24mm open/closed end wrench and also tried getting a 24mm socket and rachet ... but there is no room for either tool to remove this nut. Please advise on what tool to use and how to access this nut.
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When I did it, I think I had to pull the elbow off. If you look closely, there's a short piece of tubing or something that connects the hose to the pump itself. you should be able to reach one of the two bolts there in order to disconnect the hose from the pump. then just pull it off with the little elbow intact and install it on the new hose while you have it out of the car.

It's been about 4 years since I had to do that so I'm a little fuzzy on the details. good luck.
then you're going to have to pull the pump itself off the car. there are three bolts going through the front of the pump (turn the wheel on the front and stick a socket through them)
and one bolt on the back of the pump.

remove it from the car and bring the hose off with it.
the return hose is easy to remove, just a hose clamp.
the pressure hose is disconnected from the other end, so if you remove the pump then you can just pull it down with the hose.

inconvenient, yes. but that may be your only choice. I've done this job half a dozen times and never had a problem popping the bolt loose on that end of the hose. the hard one is the top fitting that twists in its rubber mount when you try to remove the bolt. finally I had to clamp it in some huge channel locks and remove it with an impact wrench.
yes, from behind and below.. usually it's covered in goo, and you can't really see it from any angle. you just have to keep feeling around with it and eventually you'll find it.
I hated that bolt!
IIRC, I think the bolts on the front were a 14mm and the rear was a 12mm?
check around the front for one more bolt that you missed or something.. It's been so long since I've done it that I can't remember exactly where all the bolts are.
Ummm, that piece of pipe is what I was referring to in my very first reply..... ;)
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