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Hi! This is my first post on Nissan Forums, so please bear with me.

My mom drives a 1990 Nissan Stanza XE. She bought it with 19K miles in 1994 and has been driving it ever since. In cold winter weather (Wisconsin), the power door locks tend to have a mind of their own. At times, they will automatically and repeatedly lock and unlock, lock and unlock, etc. :confused:

The other day, when my mom tried to unlock the doors while sitting in the car, they automatically relocked themselves, so she was unable to get out of her car. BTW my brother had a 1991 Maxima SE which did the same thing on occasion.

Is there a way to disable the power function of the door locks, so that she has to use a key to unlock the door and press/lift the lock switch to lock/unlock the door when inside the car? Perhaps by pulling a fuse? Or is there something that the dealer can do to disable the power mechanism on the door locks?

Yes, the car is old and is starting to rust a bit, but mechanically the car runs great and it has only 70K miles on it, so she wants to keep driving it for as long as she can. She'd be willing to disable the door locks' power mechanism if it means that the problem will be put to rest.

Unfortunately I don't have access to the owner's manual right now, and the car is located 90 miles from where I live, so I can't check it out myself for the time being.

Thanks in advance! :)

Addendum - I forgot to mention, my mom's Stanza is parked outdoors year round, so perhaps that might have something to do with it, eh?
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