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Now a spec V guy
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My car is a 1996 200sx SE-R w/ a bbdet swap. near stock motor.

Kills include

Early 90's 5.0 mustang
97 4.6 mustang
civic 4 dr w/b18 swap
audi tt
2 newer preludes,
gsr teg

loss list

2G dsm AWD

at the track, i have beat a 95 cobra, 2 z 28, and an assortment of other 17sec+ cars


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Hmmm, let' see:

Supercharged mustang

Mustang Cobra

Multiple GT's

Ford Taurus SHO (My own:D )

200SX SE with BB DET @14psi (Stock turbo)

1995 240SX with Black top SR20DET

1991 240SX with red top SR20DET

1993 240SX with KA24DE(T)

C5 vette

Z06 Vette


turbocharged Lexus IS300

Multiple boosted/aspirated civics, integras and preludes

Altima SE V6

1993 RX-7 twin turbo

Multiple Supras

Too many accords (What a waste of gas)

280zx turbo

Porsche Carerra

Ferarri Modena (very brief lead)

Many Luxury cars, sport utilities and anything that choses to follow me after 130 mph

I've gotten smoked by:

1991 Sentra SE-r (with nitrous). Over revved my engine and got locked out of 2nd gear and the race was over...He was outta here. Raced him coming back from a 1st gear rolling start and he stayed about 3 cars back through third and once I hit 4th, I had to use my rear view mirror to find him (very good race and the guy knew how to drive his car).

And my biggest lost was to a pole and usually, nobody beats the pole.

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Buick Park Ave from a 40 MPH start. He refused to let me pass but I did, and either he 1) couldn't or 2) came to his senses and realized that his manhood wasn't on the line if a "foreign" car passed him or 3) I have incredible driving skills.

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Car: 94 sentra xe auto wit HS CAI and 2.5 exhaust(i know 2 big)from the cat bac wit Naxos muffler.

Kills: 92 sentra gxe 5spd wit WAI, cat bac exhaust, and Apexi N1 muffler (cocky mutha f***** i might add " ill smoke u im 5spd") lol
beat him by 2 cars and then we ran again wit 4 peeps in my car and 2 in his and i held him off till 50 from a dead stop.

Another 92 sentra xe 4dr 5 spd smoked him off the roll at 10mph to like 60 then we stoped.

A 94 altima auto wit exaust till 3rd gear

A 95-96 civic coupe auto wit WAI (that race was a joke lmao) 3+ cars.

A 95 teg ls or gs by like a car( coulda been a auto).

A b15 gxe auto wit intake and exhaust auto.

Losses: 3 99 Civic si's, 02 civic si was dead even with both in 1st but there 2nd smoked me, my boys classic SER( man those are fast), 93 sentra xe 5spd wit cat bac( had him in 1st and 2nd then he beat me by a fender by 3rd, my boys 97 saturn sc1 5spd till about 3rd, Lexus gs400, saturn sl2 5spd and alot

This was all with a ser rim in my trunk and my tools and various items. The HS headers comin next week hehe.

Dee how u been man long time<--dsentra94. PEace.

Boost anyone?
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Kill List:

4 - 94-97 Honda Accords
1 - 92-95 Honda Civic EX
1 - late 90's Dodge Neon
2 - 93-97 Toyota Corollas
2 - 88-91 Honda Civics (1 si)
1 - 90-93 Acura Integra (Non-GSR)
A few 96-99 Honda civics (Dx's LX's)
I lost to :

A few 94-99 integras, Civic Si's, B14 200sx (SE-R and non se-r), and a few others i cant think of.

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mostly i onramp race but iv'e race a few other times.


most hondas around here

notable kills

1-integra raced up to 130+(6 carlengths ahead)
1-eclipse to about 70

wifes kills

mid 70's shorty chevy van(what a joke)
delta 88
riced out civic (he must have thought she would be an easy kill, DEAD WRONG)

questionable kills

onramp racing a toyota tacoma w/TRD supercharger. he beat me to the merge so i had to drop in behind him. after on the freeway i took 7700RPM in third to get past him (abeit slowly. damn they're quick)


1- 89ish RX-7 turbo

after almost 2 miles and 147 MPH(and still pullin') i let off for a corner, he was approx. 8 carlength ahead of me.

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1. Mercury Cougar 2.5 V6

2. New mini Cooper

3. Celica GT

4. BMW 325

5. Vauxhall Cavalier GSI. (British 2.0 twin cam 16v)

6. Peugot 205 GTI M16. (British 2.0 twin cam 16v) Tiny little hatch back

7. Ford Probe 2.5 V6

Ive been killed by my friend in his 600 Horse supra. What a waste of his gas.

I find MR2's are strong as well. Ive never beaten one yet.

Theres more but i really dont have a clue cause i dont look for reces they look for me.

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My kill list is too long to post (so is my loss list). Some notable races though.......

2nd gen Probe GT's are a tossup....they outlaunch me almost every time (225mm tires and torque are great for a hole shot), but I can match them and sometimes pull up high.

VR6 Jetta's.......great match.......comes down to the driver (until triple digit speeds anyway...then they will walk).

Beretta GTZ's...........great match in the 1/4 because I can outlaunch them, but NEVER mess with a GTZ from a 70mph roll in a N/A Sentra..........they are beasts from WILL lose unless you can run in the 14's and/or trap at over 92mph.

Beretta's with the 3400V6 what a close race! They have TORQUE, but lack they high rpm charge a DOHC engine has...........

99+ Grand Ams with the 3400.......same notes as the Beretta with the swap, but a *little* slower (150lbs heavier).

2nd Gen GS-T Eclipses....I can outlaunch them and hold them in 2nd, but they start to walk in 3rd.

Non VTEC 3rd Gen Integra's are fun........I can *slowly* pull all the way up on stock ones........I've only raced 2 modded ones had I/H/E and I had 4 cars going from 0-125mph, but the other was at the strip (when my timing was still at 11 deg), and it was down to 3-4ft at the line with me outlauching him, and them him creeping on me the rest of the way (he had intake/computer/exhaust).

GS-R's walk me.....but not by mutch unless they are modded.

99-00 Civic Si's.........great matches.......I can get them from a hole shot, but they are VERY close in a roll on (they will walk if modded).

N/A DOHC Stealths and 3000GT's.....again....another tossup...comes down to the driver (although they WILL pull on me past the 1/4 and in higher speed roll-ons).

RARE 3.4L DOHC/5 speed Lumina Z34's/Grand Prix GTP's are fun.........they are a little slower coming off a standing start, but will walk on a SE-R from 40-120mph (they govern at 124-128mph). Good match in the 1/4 though.

Dodge Dakota R/T' about a 2nd gear! They are a good match from a 60mph roll though.........very fun.


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i dont promote street racing, but heres my list:D

several civics-dont even know what they were cause all i saw were their headlights in my mirror.

saab turbo-close call

3rd gen prelude si

4th gen prelude si

5th gen prelude sh-close call

volkswagon corrado G60

sentra gxe

99 altima gxe

honda crv

astro mini van

and i got smoked last night by a 350 z

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- a few daddy long legs
- a few hundred flies and mosquitos
- several thousand ants
- a few hundred fleas
- some 100 or so bees
- a few wasps
- thousand of nats
- a few birds

All over a period of approx. 15 years or so!

Smth Crmnl,not therapist
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I know this is not an accomplished list since I've only had the car for a short while, but here you guys go:

BTW, all cars listed are auto whereas mine is a 5sp so no flames because I beat a supposedly "faster car."

2002 Honda Accord V6 coupe (which seems to be one of those supertuned ones. Ran my 95 Eclipse GS-T auto by a car length or so)

1995 Ford Taurus SHO (which has had mad amounts of problems since that race but none before. Tranny busted 2 weeks later and fuel & water pumps broke 2 days later, along with other things I don't remember)

1990 Nissan 300ZX 2+2 (after I took him at the start, the sorta friend/idiot who was driving the car asked for me not to launch :D and on top of that he was a friend of the guy who owned the car)

2002 RSX base (nothing 2 be said, just had some fun before work)

It would also run the Eclipse, so I'm gonna assume that as another kill, having driven both cars

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street only


2 GT @ 1994 Mustangs
3 GT @ 1999 Mustangs
1 Supercharged Integra GSR
1 Audi TT
3 92- 95 Preludes
1 Turbo Trans Am
1 LS (intake only) Integra
2 ZX3 Ford Focus'
2 GTP Pontiac Grand Prix


RT/10 Dodge Viper
2001 SS Camaro

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I guess I should add a few more.

Personal Kills:

1 Racoon
1 Skunk (my car reeked!)
Numerous Bunnies
And I once smacked a Turkey Vulture on the ASS with my antena at 110mph (he has too slow to get out of the way) that hurt :)

My dad has more kills this way than I care to count. We used to live in Australia, and Kangaroos just LOVE to jump in front of cars/trucks at night (that's why every 4X4 in the country has a bull-bar on the front). Not to mention driving through a flock of Galahs (big stupid pink cocatoos') resting on the road at 140km/h...........

CA18DET Wizard
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you dont have to show off everyone knows you car "was" the shit
It's not as easy as I'd thought it would be trying to reassemble. "Time" Bro or lack there of it. Everyone has blown or bad engines and think they're going to get my attention to detail for crack-head prices "Okay":rolleyes: The bread is straight and it's good/simple work, but man sometimes I just don't be in the mood. And you're absolutely correct about that list! There some matrix cars, eclipses (too many), mirages (fake @ss wanna be EVO 4 & 5's) and 1 or 2 motorcycles (fools). Oh yeah just an FYI, I added another SHO to my family of whips so now me and my woman have 1 of each. I bought it at a junk-yard price because it needs some "Dee.L.C.". but has a perfect body, runs and have A/C......I Love Miami

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give it time it will all fall into place sooner or later. and you know as well as i do that this one will be better than the last. i have faith in you. you can do it. congrats on the SHO.

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Hmmm lests see...

2000 Monte Carlo
2001 Dodge Neon R/T
My friend's 87 Supra turbo with exhaust and intake(close race)
2001 Grand Am SE
2002 Grand Am GT(pretty close)
1999 Couger V6
1999 Contour SVT(close)
1994 Mustang GT(close)

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89 Nissan Pulsar NX
88 Toyota Tercel (literally blew up while getting whipped)
94 Monte Carlo
?? Ford Explorer

2 Frogs
1 Bunny

2002 Viper
Audi S4 Sedan
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