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Post your Classic Pics

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We are looking for Classic Datsuns for feature cars in NPM..

If you're interested then please post the pictures here...or you can send them to [email protected]

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1974 260Z

Hello, I am new here and would like to post aphoto of an unfinished project. It will be posting it on ebay. Tri Side Webers, SPARCO Seat, Super Star Wheels 9.5 and8.5 x 14s.
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Ville said:
wow :O what a pretty 200sx baby,
the sister of mine :D jeje except that my interiors sucks but just check the new paint job ;)

want to see a J18 engine?

;) hope you like it.
greetings from mexico city ;)
I really like this car. I used to do dealer preps on them when they were new. Thanks for posting the pics. I never saw a J18 before. It looks like an A-series engine in there!

Spose you are gonna hafta guess what it is before you argue about whether or not its a classic......
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Not sure if you call this classic either...but its a goody....
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Here's a couple photos of my 67 1/2 Roadster. Gotta love the classics!

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My 1981 Datsun 310GX might be up for sale, i wanted to get an idea of how much this car could go for. Any ideas? Pictures of it were on page 3 or end of 2 i believe.
or if you wanted them shown on here with out having to click a link here you go...

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just about finshed now, here is my 1979 datsun 180B (uk spec)

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Ant-Dat that is awesome! That car is going to be a rocket.

Very nice my friend. :)
I have a friend with a 1977 datsun 280z ill try to take some pics and post it up
work in progress

i bought my 810 in high school from a friend for $150. it had a blown head gasket with 70k on the motor. ran out of time and money so i put her in my grandpa's barn for a couple years. went down to the farm a couple times this summer and yesterday got her running!!

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hey this is my '73 240z. its a work in progress but its getting there

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240z batmobile

hey this is my 73 240z work in progress

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
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