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Post your Classic Pics

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We are looking for Classic Datsuns for feature cars in NPM..

If you're interested then please post the pictures here...or you can send them to [email protected]

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here is my 1982 Datsun 200sx Notchback....

she's my "dift box"

enjoy :)
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wow :O what a pretty 200sx baby,
the sister of mine :D jeje except that my interiors sucks but just check the new paint job ;)

and the stock rims I polished myself :)

want to see a J18 engine?

;) hope you like it.
greetings from mexico city ;)
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There are a lot of nice cars on here, but I am a little disappointed that there were no 1600/2000 Datsun road-
sters pictured. I had a silver 1968 Datsun 2000. it was one of the most fun sportscars I have ever owned. I was the third owner on it and it was about 6 years old when I bought it.

I used to take it on the Z club drives and it stayed right
with them in the twisties. I have wished a hundred times that I had kept it.

You can get another one! I am restoring a 68 2000 right now. There are forums dedicated to the roadsters and a mailing list. These cars can be had for a couple of thousand dollars in good working order if you shop around a bit.
the roadsters are still around and there's after-market support too.
it's just hard to find one that isn't a beater or a completely restored one.
I would love to have another one, but at 68 I do not have the desire to restore one and I do not have the money to buy an already restored model.

Fixed incomes are the pits, too bad I can't fix my outgo as
well. Now I have to add part D Medicare to my expenses when I don't even need it.

Richard's Datsuns

Hello everyone!!!

I just joined the forum and look forward to hanging out here every now and then, if you'd like more info on my datsuns just check out MY SITE (I've not updated it in a while)



Rebo - 1969 Datsun 510 5-Door Station Wagon
Mods - Stock L16 1.6 liter 4-speed with a Weber DGV 32/36 a rebuilt stock carb will be going back on soon - (Daily Driver at this time)

Zootie - 1972 Datsun 510 2-Door Sedan
Mods - Suspension Technics springs, Tokico inserts, Turn SIX swaybars & a semi-stock L16 1.6 liter 4-speed with a Weber DGV 32/36 and factory SSS exhaust and distributor - Has a dogtail 5-speed waiting to go in (This was my normal daily driver... but I can't afford to insure it now)

Not yet named - 1978 Datsun B210 2-Door Sedan
Mods - Stock A15 1.5 liter 4-speed - but I MIGHT have a L-20B 2.0 liter and a dogtail 5-speed - (In th process of rebuilding)
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A newbie in here!

Hi everybody! Cheers from Argentina.
This is me and my 310 (or 120A as it's known down here):

:) :) :)
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Heres my 67.5 1600 Datsun roadster next to my 88 B12 Driver.

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This is my baby I've been working on, I'll have the website up for it shortly.

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That truly is a classic! Must be tough to find parts for but it looks to be cosmetically complete.
It sure is beautiful

Mig2 said:
That truly is a classic! Must be tough to find parts for but it looks to be cosmetically complete.
Yeah I think parts for this car are basically non-existant, which is why most will have to be fabricated, luckily, most of it is in great condition! The biggest problem right now is the weather stripping, its still their but after 47 years, rubber just cant hold its shape anymore! I have pictures and information on it at my site:

Welcome To Project Datsun

Right now I'm just doing some basic things. Cleaning out the gas tank, replacing the battery, filters, and the carb will need to be rebuilt. I "think" after that she should run! So I'm crossing my fingers and taking pictures and notes of all my progress. :)
padieg said:
I'm from SoCal (US), it's nice to see some Datsun Cherrys from all over the world.
Here is mine, its a 1981 Datsun 310 GX (that's what they are called here). Here are some pics:

The motor runs perfect, i'm trying to fiddle with the suspension and brakes and make some improvements- hopefully :)
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Stickerman said:

You want performance? It has this

I find that very offensive, but damn so awsome!
Don't let it offend you. I have 5 other stock Roadsters and a 320 pickup. This car would have been a parts car, if not saved.
Stickerman said:
Don't let it offend you. I have 5 other stock Roadsters and a 320 pickup. This car would have been a parts car, if not saved.

Nice, do you have pics of those? I always wanted a Roadster.
What'd you pull the Zetec out of -a Ranger? How much of a weight savings/increase did it provide? What engine management did you use? Now that Nissan stopped making decent 4's , it's nice to see someone taking advantage of the good 4's that some of the domestic manufacturers have been coming out with lately.
Zetecs never came in a Ranger. This was a 2004 factory crate motor. The Zetec is a European motor that Ford is using, there is tremendous aftermarket for it in Europe. If you look at the photo, it is turned sideways to make it RWD. It is mated to a Ford Type 9 tranny and run with a Contour SVT computer. Nothing was cut, and the motor sits level. The transmission even comes out the factory hole. Brackets were made to have the Zetec mate to the factory Datsun mounts. It is putting out 200+ HP in an 1800 pound car. You don't know it's there until I let you know.It is a lot of fun.

This one is my favorite though. 1964 Datsun 1500

And this is my Home Depot runner
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