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lol.. Lets see pics of all you guys hot S13's. (if there are any around)
Here's mine:

performance Mods:
Injen CAI
Cusco Carbon Fiber Front STB
Cusco Rear OS Triangle Bar
Accell 8mm wires
Axxis MM Brake pads
OBX Short shifter
Redlyne MT-90 Tranny fluid
AMSOil 10w-30

Nakamichi MB-75 6-disc in dash CD Changer HU
MBQ RSC 216 Comp. up front
MBQ DXD 4x6 for rear Fill
soon to be installed once I finally get my wiring from Sounddomain:
2 Infinity Perfect 12.1's in custom enclosure
JBL BP600.1 Sub amp
JBL P180.2 Comp. amp
Lightening Audio 1 farad Cap.

Still Major debates.. but now it's lookin like:
Tien Type Flex Coilovers
Whiteline Sway bars front and rear
5zigen 60mm Catback exhaust
Hotshot headers
370cc 300zx injectors
JWT Cams
ASP Underdrive Pully
Spec stage 2 clutch
Possible 50 Shot of Nitrous (if I want to break 13's)
Then maybe some wheels.. but that is WAY low on the list.

The Debates I'm fighting in my head are to eventually Turbo the KA (Got a plan that would run around $2000) or Swap in an SR.. uggg... Maybe I'll wait to do that until I get another car.

dudes, i have an SR20det black top under the bonnet...hehehehe:D :D :D with the exhaust it runs about 10psi, comes on at about 3000 and sort of fades at about 5000rpm.
i have races other 180's and silvias and they cant seem to get past me. but i got smacked on the knuckles by a worked up toyota gt starlet by half a car length, no matter how hard i tried i couldnt get past his front wheels. we were doin about 160km in a 80km zone. it was fun though, i reckon i could have taken him if i got to 5th gear... there was also too many cars around and traffic lights and tight lanes..(excuses, excuses, i know but i reckon its true..)

dudes if you want to turbo your cars, definitely by far the sr20det is your engine! the ca18's are getting way too old now and they dont produce as much kw as the sr's. also they tend to have a leaking oil gasket problem on the manifolds. there is a 400hp worked ca here in australia, but compared to how many worke sr's there are they are out numbered. sr's are definitely stronger the gearbox's in the 2L models are near bomb proof.
the sr has certainly a very strong reputation in being able to be so easily suseptible to the slightest mods and produce what you need.
another thought... why would nissan make the sr20 in all of their s13-s15 range? thats 3 generations of a car accumulating 10 years of manufacture.


Hey all !

Here's my European ride :

Picture 1
picture 2
1989 - 200SX SR13
1.8 16v Turbo engine (Stock!)
124kW or 169PK(Horsepower)
[email protected]
Topspeed 215 KM/U
0 - 100 KM/U : 7,5 seconds
Sorry for the different values. We don't use Miles here...

Original audio option : Accoustic Zoom Control (works great!)
The car is in mind condition. Engine is almost made new last year with new Turbo.

Futurte : Lowering springs, Supra wing, window tinting and an explosive sound from ICE

Questions ? Ask me !

TYBY from The Netherlands

Thanx for the compliment. What's CA ? The whole car is 100% original, so i think the last owner did'nt modify anything. Just have it a month now. He only has mounted a turbo pressure gauge from 'autometer'.

I am considering to buy a Dump Valve for it. The tuning boys overhere said to me it's better for the turbo. Is that True ?

I have also a similar red 200SX too, just for parts. The red one has damage on the right front but a brand new Turbo !


As far as i know it is the only engine availeble in the 'european' 200SX.
It drives like a rocket but with a maximum speed of 120 KM/U overhere, it is over for me when the fun just get started...don't want to loose my driverslicence at 170 KM/U and over !
Fuel is also expensive here, one fill costs me about 60 US$

Today the engine did not run smooth at a traffic light. The stationair rpm goes down to 600 and then up to 1200. Over and over again. After a really fast take-off (yeah!) the problems where gone.
Does not feel right to me...

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