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kellen_wynn said:
I was taking my stock air intake off my car to install the Injen and noticed dark oily soot in the throttle body and one of the vacume hoses. Its very carmelized but I'm sure some made it into the engine. The engine is still running a smooth as ever, actually better because of the Injen, but I'm worried. What might the problem be? That's if there is a problem. I can get very paranoid when I modify my car.
Believe it or not that is supposed to happen.

Its a part of the EGR system that recirculates a portion of your exhaust gas to be burned for a second time.

The result is a sooty throttle plate and surrounding area.

Just clean it with carb cleaner and q-tips. If you want to go overboard, take it off, remove the throttle plate, clean it, and then wax the inner walls.

Do this about once or twice a year.
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