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4sphed said:
What are the most comfortable bucket style racing seats (no recliners) that you have ever driven with on public roads? Answers should include seat brand and style and a description as to why you would recommend it over another. If you want to recommend where to purchase, that's up to you. Thanks everyone ... have fun!

PS - I am considering either Sparco or Momo buckets, just don't know which one yet. :)
Well I think this is kind of a compromise because fixed back seats are not ideal for comfort.... Knowing this I would have to say Sparco Evo (or Evo2's if your bigger) are very tolerable. I previously had a MOMO rookie and granted it was an entry level seat I didn't care for it much.

Otherwise, for reclinable seats the Recaro SRD is hands down the nicet seat I have ever used.
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