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This Groupbuy is for PLX Devices M-300 Wideband.

Valid Thru 03/11/05 till 03/25/05 (unless 10 is spoken for before the 25th)

The M-Series Wideband Oxygen Sensor Controllers are extremely simple to use and to setup. They do not require complicated sensor calibration procedures nor do they require any confusing software setup. Simply, connect the power wires to a 12V source, snap the sensor wire harness with the oxygen sensor and you're ready to start measuring your automobile's air/fuel ratio within minutes!

All M-Series Controllers comes with two analog outputs, linear wideband and narrowband. Our linear wideband output gives you the freedom to interface with a number of tuning devices, such as data loggers, piggy back fuel systems and stand alone engine management systems. With the narrowband output you are able to completely replace your stock narrowband sensor and "feed" our analog signal directly into your ECU. This eliminates the hassle of welding a second sensor bung on your down pipe. Your ECU will "think" that your narrowband sensor is still there while you're measuring wideband information at the same time!

The M-300 and M-250 continuously updates the corresponding air/fuel ratio 10 times per second (10Hz) on its integrated 4 digit digital display. If the air/fuel ratio is measured below 10:1, the LED displays "rich," and if the air/fuel ratio is measured above 20:1, the LED displays "lean". The LED display is visible even in bright sunlight conditions.

The M-300 Retails for $329.99 plus shipping.

The Groupbuy will need to hit at least 10 buyers to take advantage of this "Groupbuy Price"

$300.00 SHIPPED!! (Must Use Paypal)
Plenty Of Vouchs Available..

To participate in this Group-Buy please contact me. I can add your name to the list.
Email: [email protected]

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