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SanMarcosZfreak said:
YUP!! when ur painting something at 12am and its 40 degrees outside it doesn't want to dry, so i used a hair dryer inbetween coats, then i baked it to dry it up nice and get it totally dry before i sanded it. i'm a perfectionist, and i plan on doing this type of stuff for a living so i figure i'd see what i could do, i wanted as professional looking results as possble, i even made a faux paint both (cardboard box with a hole in the top, sprayed inside the box, closed the lid let the particles settle a big then inserted the dryer in the hole and moved it around slowly making sure to get all the fumes out before turning up the heat, got the paint sticky and then applyed a second coat, i had absolutly no dripping with the method, paint come out perfect

the cover being baked -

the paint booth -
I read somewhere it's not safe to use a home oven to bake in the paint. It is suppose to contaminate your food. Please clean out your oven thoroughly or you might make your family members sick over time. :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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