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Nissan Altima 2006 2.5 S.L
with ABS

Ok basically i decided to paint my brakes calipers
once I finished and put everything back together and bleed the system
I had a soft brake pedal
so through hours of trying to figure everything out, found my bleeder valves was leaking air so I changed them and even added a thread sealant, which I then tested each one and no loss of vacuum and no bubbles are coming out, just pure liquid

During the bleeding process i'm pretty sure I broke my master cylinder because I wasnt aware that it can break the internal seal by pressing the pedal to the floor, so I went to the scrapyard near me and bought a used one which they said its bench tested and did bench bleed it prior to installation which worked good

I should have a working master cylinder, no air coming from calipers but I have a soft spongy brake pedal
At the moment the place from which I bought the master cylinder is currently closed, I will call them tomorrow and ask if I can switch for another one because im guessing the one i got is faulty.

Im not a mechanic although I do wish to become one and I have a decent understanding of it(basics), and understand how to brake system work

Please anybody help I have been stuck for over week and dont want to spend anymore money
im really stumped... no air coming from callipers which i doubled checked and master cylinder seems to work fine

Last thing i think that might be causing the problem is air stuck in the ABS modulator

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********'s website has free, online, Nissan factory service manuals. I would suggest you follow the manual procedure for properly bleeding the brakes. Not all cars bleed from the furthest back to the front. For example, the bleeding procedure on my 06 Pathfinder is right-rear, left-front, left-rear and the right front. Make sure you bench bleed the master cylinder before you install the lines to it and start bleeding the brakes and never let the master cylinder reservoir run dry. I'm usually against using anything on the hydraulic side of brake systems from the junk yard as sitting for long periods of time without activity is bad for the seals. I can understand the difficulty of working on a tight budget, but brakes are not one place you want to go the cheap route, as it could be the difference of life and death.
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