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hey im a new commer nissan guy and my KA24E in my 1995 nissan hardbody is just about to KACK it knocks hisses and blows oil. My friend has a 1990 240sx with a KA24E in it as well. is it just a straight up engine swap or is there lots of modifing or tinkling around. the 2 things i noticed were the dirrence in oil pans and the throttlebody setup. for the opil pan. do you just need to rig up a pump hose to the old truck pan so it sits in the deep part of the pann?? will everything bolt rite in ? can i use the same driveshafts? eny help will be greatly appreciatedsince i need my truck for work and i cant miss that! the car cost me 150$ but the body is shot so i cant drive it. the tranny has a new clutch and pressure plate and the motor has 97000km on it and spins like a top!~ your help is greatly appreciated~!!!

thanks: bikermike- and no im not some hardcorebiker. just a knarly bmx rider!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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