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BlackSpec said:
hey everyone, ok lately my Spec has been feeling slow., my transmission doesnt feel the same, 3rd snaps in weird, my car accelerates slowly when i step on it at low RPM's like 2,500, and my engine has an annoying ticking that sounds like an old lawnmower when its warm and idling. And when i shut my car off it starts making a noise like if u were throwing tiny pebbles into a metal bucket. My exhaust got messed up again, apparently it didnt come with a rubber piece or something and i got it installed, but the noise is back, it sound like a cup full of nails when i'm in first or 2nd goin slow, and when i shut off my car it sounds like a winding disc under my car. Can someone please help me, tell me what to do, its driving me crazy, can i get something fixed through warranty? could i possibly have a 2003 tranny installed?? . if not does anyone know how much it would be to get it fixed and back to normal like the first day i got it???i went to the dealer about the exhaust and he said theres nothin available to fix it, many people have complaints bout it too, so im goin to another Dealer. thanks guys

you could have multiple problems. First check and make sure you are not using oil. If you are not losing oil; your perceived loss of power might due due to the knock sensor being tripped because of your exhaust. As for the engine ticking thats normal its the fuel injectors they are very loud(when the car is running). Now for the tranny thrid gear is a common problem on 02 specs. If it grinds all the time at any rpm its time to get the tranny replaced. Get your exhaust fixed and many of your problems will go away.
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