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Hey so I’m pretty new to this but to sum things up i I have been looking for a second car to buy and for a while I was on the verge between a sti and a 370z but they are expensive rn, I’ve encountered this 350z and I would like some better knowledge and opinions on whether or not this is a good purchase or not.
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It's a good looking car. I don't see any damage. The owner has made some mods on the car; cold air intakes and it looks like a custom exhaust system. The one big problem is it has a salvage title. Repainting a car shouldn't give it a salvage title; something fishy there. A salvage title is a title issued to a car that has been declared a “total loss” by an insurance company as a result of damage or theft. This usually means the vehicle is too damaged to repair safely or cost-effectively, or the vehicle was stolen, in which case the insurer will pay out a total loss claim for it. Until the vehicle is repaired and reinspected, it will have a salvage title. Most states do not allow vehicles to be driven with a salvage title. Salvage titles signify to both the DMV and to any potential buyers that a vehicle has not yet been rebuilt and is currently not safe to drive or insure. Although salvage titles can be replaced by a rebuilt title after repairs are made
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