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Please help make the right choice

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Hi -

I really enjoyed reading everyone's posts, although I must admit most of the topics are over my head. Please don't laugh at my post, I'm just looking for some advise. Here's my question, and I hope the experts here can help me with my issue:

I am planning to finally go out and spend my hard-earned cash on a decent car under 20K. I test drove a few cars, and read many reviews. I narrowed down my choices to a new 2003 Nissan SE-R Spec V, which I drove and really liked. The only other car that I sort of liked was a used 2000 Celica GTS with 46K miles on it. Both the Spec V and GTS are the same price range.

I read on a few sites that Spec V has several problems:
- poor paint job
- steer torque
- shifting problem in 1st, 3rd and Reverse gears
- 6 gears may be too much.. etc.

That scared me off quite a bit, although most of the bad reviews referred to the 2002 model. However, I wonder if I were picking between
- 2003 Spec V and -2003 SE-R all things considered, which one is a better deal for the money?
- Is the Celica, even though with high mileage a better bang for my buck?

Again, sorry for my lack of knowledge, I appreciate any response.


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Immortallis said:
Can it reach 60mph in 2nd gear? I've driven the '03 and it maxes out at around 45 MPH. Cameron and I haven't been able to drive the car too hard yet since it's still under a grand on the odometer. Once we get pass the break in, we'll see how far we can push it. ;)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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