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Alright, so I'm currently running a 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V. What I would like to do is build up my engine and prepare it for FI. Right now I have the mods that came with the car when I bought it including a Nismo Cold Air Intake, Header, Downpipe, Catty, 2.5" Exhaust.

What I want to do is pretty much proof my engine so that it can withstand all the stress that a turbochargers gonna put on it, as well as run everything more efficiently with better gains.

FIrst off I'm going to be putting Stage 3 Polyurethane Engine Mounts on, a stud girdle for the oil pan (as well as a new pan), new camshafts and rocker arms (and a stud girdle for the rockers as well) that won't lose low end torque, pistons, rings, heads and connecting rods. Probably replace the 2.5" exhaust with a 3" as well as do a Stage 2 Clutch and 7lb aluminum flywheel. New suspension system, short throw shifter. And I was thinking of increasing redline to 6750.

I know this is jumbled, but im just throwing this out there. So if theres any specific brands good for the QR25DE or any mods or moderation please feel free to speak your opinion!
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