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Wassup ppl....this is like my 2nd post a small kine pic of my rydes...

85 200sx CA18ET
this is my daily ryde/drift has Z31 suspension Turbo N1 w/2 1/2" piping, lowered on Tokico springs, intake, boost controller (it is a CA18ET), change out of interior from 85 to 87 ones.

02 Altima
this is my latest ryde my 02 Altima far all stock, gonna make it a ALL show no go ryde, cuz its my family car for my almost new born child (5days over due as of right now haha)

84 200sx CA20E
and this is gonna be my TOP secret projek car, body is str8, small kine minor rust with only 87K on the odometer and still has A/C...


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ok, now i can finannly see them! well, i dig the two top secrets ones dude, and of course the altima is nice as well. are those cars imported from japan?

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Diadia-haha EXACTLY why I chose these cars to play with...u dont like it, but as soon as I'm done with the blue one, I can garuntee u I'll be hittin 12's at least!

Rios- my 200sx's were built in Japan...but I didnt have them imported, they were sold in the use as S12 models previous to the S13 from 84-88 known elsewhere in the world as the Original Silvia or Gazelle.

And if anyone has heard of the owner Richard used to own the Brown CA18ET one which he sold to me,.
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