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lighthouse said:
Since several months back, I've noticed that my B14 (A) GA16DE periodically emits a strange, faint, high-pitched, consistent "Eeee" sound during certain RPMs upon acceleration.

I don't believe it comes from the engine, but I'm not too certain. The sound also doesn't get pronounced upon revving harder...

I'm wondering if it could be pinging. How does pinging actually sound like?? If not, any idea what it could be?
Same thing happened to me some time ago... have you noticed if that EeeeEEe sound :) happens when you turn right or left a little fast and when you go it keeps going but stops completely when the car stops? then if you continue it doesn't sounds anymore?
Mine sounded like this but it was more like a constant metal sound, suddenly it stoped making noise and it's been about 3 months now since it's quiet... never knewed what it was... (twilight zone music starts...) :D
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