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hey, i was looking to also get rid of my cat, but i was wondering, do you get a check engine light? can you pass smog? also, what company would make something that replaces the cat?

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Does your check engine light come on at all? The only thing im worried about is emissions testing in california.

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SilviaDrifter said:
A it seems like your mods are a joke! And how can you have 205hp with all of does mods, and run a 14's that just doesnt sound right:rolleyes: . What going on with your stock headers?
thats what i was thinking? he goes with a lower numrical gear ratio, has a one wheel peel, has a boom box in his trunk and he runs mid 14's with 205 horse at the wheels? i can understand it maybe, if he ditched the stereo, got a posi and a 3.50 or higher rear end, but that still doesnt make up for the horsepower rating he claims. i wonder if he was spraying when he got those times and figures? why would you step down a gear ratio? yeah you will get a higher top end, but not the times you were talking about. also, it will take you longer to accelerate to get to those higher speeds for each gear meaning slower track times of one with 3.96 which would go through the gears faster, meaning better acceleration. is their something your not telling us? btw it is a nice car!

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ever since back in the day (a year ago or so) I've seen this guy BS all day and night, nothing against you Chris

when he first came around, he told us his motor was BORED, not stroked mind you, to a 3.2!! ummm, yeah... :confused:

anyway, then he tells us he ran a 16.9, next week, a 15.9, later, a 14 something or someshit :confused:....yeah, last year

then he says he got a Focuz Exhuast with GReddy Piping :confused: ummm yeah

guy tells us he drifted in front of a cop, yeah in an automatic

tells us he hit 165MPH on the freeway, yeah ok

"15" Konig Ziege Drift Rims"
yeah, cheapo "drift" rims in automatic, i tried it in my gf's auto 98 SX, without water, it aint happening

"Cool-Down Timer" = Turbo timer minus the turbo, ummm since when did NA cars need turbo timers?

"248 Degree 1996 Nissan Altima Intake Camshaft
246 Degree 1993 Nissan 240SX Exhaust Camshaft"

ok, now with all these MODS, he's making 205 TO THE WHEELS?!?!?! ummm yeah, thats one hell of a tranny you got there to put that down with, most guys with an assload of mods in a 5 speed make about 50-40 hp shy of that to the wheels

also, i've been told he's SUPPOSEDLY running a 175 shot or some bullshit, and he's in teh 13's or 12's whatever, lol

all in all, you guys have been had

oh and...

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This guy is all over Tx import sites and everyone knows he is the biggest bs'er. The pictures of him doing the one tire fire are at the 1/8 mile track in Sealy, TX. I believe that's where it is located.

And really, a cool down timer? You must think a lot of people are stupid or something.

Nice to see you againg Patio:D
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