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Re: Re: Grey thing

ScarCrow28 said:

No No, that grey thing was not a mustang. it was a Supra.

there wre 2 mustangs, the Saleen with the gull wing doors. and the black primer Chop shop 67ish muscle car hidiously discraced. not to mention they put a stupid ass wing on a car that has a built in spoiler. and those rims are the worst style to put on a classic. i really want to kick the owner in the owner in the head a few time. no reallly!

the only nissans i saw were in the background!! who took these damn pictures!! there were some really nice Maxes in there and one new Altima.

no shit that was a Supra ... iam no even stupidier now that i have looked at those pictures :p my eyes hurt
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