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i finally installed my pi-thon compression fittings i got from if anyone is interested in these compression fittings, talk to Terry, he is a great guy. He will get you what you need very quickly.

the install was very straight forward, not vey difficult. the hardest hoses to do are the heater and the radiator hoses. the reason is because of the coolant that will still be inside them. you could empty out your radiator then do your hoses or you could just stuff alot of rags down in the area to soak up any coolant that comes out. i did the latter with no problems. excellent engine enhancement. for you turbo/supercharger guyz/girlZ these will hold up just fine. i just came from Zfest in orlando and won best in show. a judge mentioned to a friend that they were impressed with the way my blue theme came together (engine/stereo). i planned on the pi-thon compression fittings to be a big part of the theme i had going, i am glad the judges noticed that. cleanliness is always key!

here are some pics of the compression fittings installed

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