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Re: Performance Wiring

UNISH25 said:
Hmmmmmmmmm...Ok so you want to gain a couple of HP from the electronics system huh.

O.K. now what super street says is actually true. If you put in more longer thinner wires, then the Resistance of the wiring in your car will increase!!! Meaning the current travelling in the wires will be less and power used up by electrical systems will be less!!!!!!!! Meaning more power will be diverted to the engine rather than the electrical systems

I'm not so sure on this. Putting in thinner wires than stock and longer? You would start losing power, you ever run a high amp item off of a 22 gauge wire? The wire heats up much like a heating element, you won't divert the energy back to the engine, you'll possibly melt your wire and then when it grounds your screwed. Larger wires will help, less resistance = better flow= your car won't bog down.

When AC kicks on the reason your engine boggs down is from the pump kicking in which is run off of the crank pulley.

Hope this helps
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