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K&N filters stop more garbage then most filters, but not as much as the cardboard filter your stock car has. The small amout of very small particles it alows past is not enough to do damage to your motor. Most people can atest to having had no issues. I have 100,000 miles on my integra most of that with a K&N filter of one kind or another (box,short ram, cold air). I know many peole who have had them since day one of their cars existance and have 100,000+ miles with no problems. My Dad's Maxima had one from 5,000 thru the 50,000 it had on it when he sold it. Anyway you get the point.

Chips... that is a little more harry, we all want one, we know there are prototypes, but nobody is selling chips yet. YET but we all know there coming soon, the demand is there, and there needed for high end tuning of or motors.

Other choices... there is a HotShot Header for our car thay dynos at +12hp. There is a stromung exhaust that is a good gain with the header and CAI (cold air intake). Other than that we are so restricted by the ECU that the next best things are removals... IE: grounding of the knock sensor, or balance shaft removal.

Hope this helps
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