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I currently drive a VW Golf (2L, TDi, 2008 model), and need a larger car for my family. I really like the look of the Pathfinder ST-L (Diesel), so I took a test drive today in one, and liked it. A few questions though. The trip computer saif the fuel consumption average was 20.4L/100km (20.4 liters/100 km = 11.53 miles/gallon(US)). The broucher says combined is 10.5L/100km. The car only had 124kms on the clock. It is an automatic (same as what I am looking for). Can anyone tell me their milage/fuel usage? I'm coming from an average of 7.2L/100km (7.2 liters/100 km = 32.67 miles/gallon(US)) in my GOlf. I totally understand the Pathfinder will use a lot more - I just want to know how much more. It would be used for city driving, I guess, with maybe 25% on highways.

For the yanks, I used Online Conversion - Fuel Consumption Conversion to convert my metric figures.

I liked the car. Felt nice and sold, but coming from VW, I felt the inside very plastic - which was a bit off putting. Also, it feels like a truck to drive. Maybe I was worried about the fuel usage, but it's sluggish. However, I understand it's a big car, so accept that.

Anyone able to assist me?

As most of you are probably from the US (I'm in Australia), specs may differ, so here's what I am looking at:

Pathfinder Homepage
The Diesel ST-L Model.

And here: A4 Specs FEB 09.pdf
It's the 2.5 Liter Turbo Diesel engine ST-L Version.
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