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Hi, Having been introduced to the reliability of Nissan by a very old Micra my daughter bought, which seemed almost indestructable, I went and bought a Nissan Terrano as a family hobby car - it was used and old, but it sure was reliable. So when it came to making a life changing decision on a new car I bought a brand new Pathfinder last November. Its a great car, I love driving it - I feel safe and it's ideal for my disabilty which is R/A and Osteoporosis and brittle bones. No longer do sleeping PoliceMan bumps or other traffic calming measures hurt my back.

SO whats the problem? Well I originally got a great deal at the selling garage. Service and delivery was fine. Then a few weeks into driving the seat control came off and the seat would be hard to adjust. I put up with this for a few months and eventually I had to complian as the seat was moving on its own, occasionally it would trap me against the steering wheel. I took it back to the seller the garage which is some distant from where I live and on the first occasion they had let the courtesy car out, so my journey was wasted - ont he next occasion they took the car in and had ita few days and fixed the faulty box. Under warranty.

A few weeks later the box fell off again. At the same time thee car kept not starting as the battery would go flat. I would charge the battery up and 3
days later - flat. I called the seller the garage and they thought I was doing small journeys and not putting much back in the battery. I must admit, I am low mileage - 5440 miles so far in nearly a year.

I mentioned the faulty box and they said I'd have to bring it back some time. Its such a long way to go - I called a more local Nissan Garage and they agreed to look at the seat problem and also the battery.

Anyway - I booked it in and was handled fairly and everyone was polite and the engineer found the battery was being drained and had a fix from NIssan - to do with the computer. He told the box on the chair had not been fixed properly the first time and they had the car for over a week and yesterday I picked it up. Wonderful, I could tell the battery was back as the car started without labouring and the seat seemed fine. The box seemed firmer and in place. I altered the seat and set it and off I went.

Today I drove the car 3 miles nand parked it. I came back to it tonight and the seat had moved on its own. It meant I couldnt get in the car. No amount of button pushing - engine on or engine off would move the seat. An hour later in the rain my brother in law and sister were trying to help. I didnt want him to force the seat, but he did feel under it and said there was a lot of oil? I switched the car off and the seat went right back. Now the back was flat on the back seat - no support for my back, but at least I could get in.

So I drove the three miles home 'hanging' on to the steering wheel. I got home, got out and thye button fell off the box. It was always doing this with previous boxes and you wont believe what happened next - the seat reset into a normal position when I locked the car. It may have moved again since it has a life of its own. My wife and I have called the car 'Christine', after the horror movie where the car comes alive.

I wondered if anyone on the forum could direct me to Nissan U.K customer service? as the seat can be quite dangerous. I've had the car almost 11 months and I have had problems with the seat the whole time. Its been fixed twice. Under warranty. The worse thing is when it pins you against the wheel. Yes - it can happen when driving. Tonight was aweful, wind rain and I couldnt get in the car...

I do love the car, dont get me wrong and the garages have both been helpful and undertood the problem. It just seems they cant fix it. I cant drive anywhere again incase the seat moves.

Anyone else had this problem?

Thanks for letting me post this, my home email is [email protected] - I need a U>K office that deals with Customer Service. I need to know if it can be fixed or should I just sell the car on and loose money. It was £32,950 - quite expensive when the old £50 Micra was amazing and rthe old Terrano was brilliant!

Anyhelp apprechiated.

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