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Pathfinder 3.0L V6 Engine

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Hey, Im looking to buy a older Pathfinder, I'm currently looking at a 1993 Pathfinder with the 3.0L V6, It has 300,000km on it, I was looking for some insight on the durability of that engine. It runs like a charm and drives like one too, any thing I should be concerned about, Pros? Cons?

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i have a 94 with 260,000 kms vg30e its playing up atm and is driving me insane jus make shure all the electral is in order on tha motor because when thay run there ausm when thay play up thay will hate u foreva ive currently replaced front cvs, rear shoes, rear whell cyls, radiator, water pump, lower hose, timing belt, idlers + seals
it still needs a tps sensor and mass air flow sensor, ignition leads...... and wat ever stats playing up....
check 4 rust under tha seats and in the rear of the chassi as thats the main place that thay rust from beach work
just an up date!
my motor jus gave up lols wat a bicth. lost oil pressure, blown bot head gaskets, and it has a death rattle.........
got a second had motor going into it now bah!
lota wrk all well wata ya gonna do
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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