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Pathfinder 3.0L V6 Engine

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Hey, Im looking to buy a older Pathfinder, I'm currently looking at a 1993 Pathfinder with the 3.0L V6, It has 300,000km on it, I was looking for some insight on the durability of that engine. It runs like a charm and drives like one too, any thing I should be concerned about, Pros? Cons?

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I have a 92 pathfinder with like 215,000 miles on it. It hasn't had too many issues, just the normal stuff, spark plugs, filters, oil. It doesn't even burn oil. Oh yea, the brake master cyclender went also with the clutch cyclenders, but I expect that with something so old. Replaced them and its back to new. The 4 wheel drive works even. The only thing not working is the abs but that isn't too imporant for us.

This was a city car before we got it (actually a college student drove it, and those roads are horrible - some are still brick).

Over all, yes we had to fix it up some, but also, I know people with new gm/fords that have had to do a lot more work.

I sugest you keep up with the mantience, oil, spark plugs, timing belt, and it should last you a good long time.

Also, not sure if this matters to you, I live in that US salt belt area, and the chassis is pretty beat from that, and some of the body, mostly by the rear doors and underneath a little. The brake lines are fine and things like that though.
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