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I am installing my 4 channel amp in a B14 sentra. So I am running new speaker wire up and into the front doors. I know about jumping off the factory wires, but i am a perfectionist, and it has to be new wire. I wired up the drivers side door no problem, but I am having problems with the passenger side.

When i remove the rubber boot and put in a snake i am hitting a big pad of foam. I tried a few different ways of getting into the car and out of the car with different snakes and spears, and none of it worked. What I may need to do is take out that computer thing that down there, and pull out the foam, and do it that way. I was wondering if any of you had done this and had an easy solution. If not, how do you take out that computer.

I work for Circuit City as an installer so its not like I have no idea what i am doing, just looking for a few helpful hints.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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