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My SE-R was labeled a Gross Polluter in CA. My HC's 166, the max 127, my NOx 2147 max 970.

After the second time, I passed CA Smog!!!!WOW!!!

Cleaned out my EGR valve and passages the first time, still did not pass. After "rappin" with different folks in this forum, they suspected a "bad" cat. Replaced it Friday, smogged it this afternoon and it passed.

My HC's 54, the max 127, my NOx 236, max 970
It's amazing what a new cat can do to emissons.
The gods are with me........for now.

So, If you have a "classic" SE-R, that has over 150K replace your cat.
I replaced my cat ($200) and replaced the spark plugs.

Now it's time put back the hi-perf parts (header and custom intake) and "get busy".
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