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It was very simple for me to chose a color when I bought my Spec V!!!!


Here's why!!!!

I have seen a lot of RED and BLACK B14's that have beyond faded paint. Sure they are a couple of years old but, I have seen white B13's that have better paint than some B15's.

1ST: Think of location. I live in AZ where temps can reach 121 degrees F. So White is the ideal color.

2ND: Proven Fact!!!! Paint with metallic flakes (Or for the girlies) paint with sparkles lasts longer!!! Such as the silver colored Spec V

3RD: Don't go like an entire month without washing your car!
I wash my car every week! People think that's a waste of water but, I am still gonna be happy 10 years from now when my car looks like it came out of the showroom!!!

I hope this helps!!!!;)
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