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No offense to callaghan, but having priced paint jobs lately I can tell you that $500-$600 probably wouldn't buy you a very good paint job and this would be if there wasn't a ding or spec of rust that they had to fix. I would think more like $2000-$3000. I had an estimate just last week, granted this included repairing existing $1300 of damage that was just inflicted on my SE-R, but I asked how much to reshoot the whole car and fix what I came in to get the estimate for, he said at least $5K. So, if your car has absolutely no dings or rust, you might be able to get away with $1K at the lowest for a 2 stage, but that'd be damn low and I'd be reading the fine print before I signed a check. I've shot 4 paint jobs myself and the paint supplies alone easily runs $400-$500, and I got the stuff at cost because my cousin managed a JD Casey, an autobody paint supplier. Some people will try to cut corners and do the body work themselves, but unless you're outright replacing parts and not doing any rust or ding repair, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who will shoot the car and guarantee their work since they'll be shooting over your work. I think $2K-$3K would be a fair price for a reshoot with minor bodywork. And believe me, it'd be worth every penny, bodywork can be fun, but proper paint prep is the furthest thing from it. If they do it right, it ought to be a three stage, where they shoot a primer sealer before their basecoat and clearcoat. Unless their using a basecoat that is catylized and has NO thinner in it. But I've never heard of anyone shooting a base that had no thinner in it, even if it's catylized.
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