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Paint Average

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whats an average cost for a paint job for a car. I need to get my car painted but honestly i dont wanna pay to much. Just a plain one color paint job.
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$3k for a color change including quality paint/prep work and all jambs done. you get what you pay for, dont even bother trying to low ball with the autobody people. cuz the car may look flawless when you pick it up but give it a few monthes before it deteriorates
if you just want a respray, places like Earl Scheib can do an exterior paint for like $300

not saying its the best quality, but it can be had
I painted my cougar

It took us a total of about 2 weeks.. (working on weekends mostly since i DO have a day job hahaha)
That was body prep and all that mess.. ( bodykit.. fenders.. sideskirts were the WORST OF THEM ALL )
some shots of it ... (before i gave it away)

The painting itsself was kinda a PITA to learn but after a few testing phases we had it rocking..
the paint gun we had was a gravity fed ( canister to hold paint is on the top not the bottom )
It was awesome the silver frost color..

But yeah around 3k+- unless you want some sick colors or flakes etc.. then you are looking at like 6-15k+
for myself I plan on having my 200sx a very very nice looking red.. and a few extras in the paint.. ( ghost flames that are sick looking IMO and some really really tiny flakes so you have to look hard for em ;) )
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