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pacesetter exhaust

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Yesterday i was thinking on starting to modify my car and i thought of purchasing a pacesetter exhaust since it's going to be less than a custon job
custon job; 150 for muffler canadien tire
install muffler:80
pacesetter in superstreet they paid 300 equal 450 canadien
What i want to know is does pacesetter sell a cat-back exhaust or only the muffler and are the pipes 2 inch or 2.5 and are they mandrel bent
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i went to Canadiancrap last week to get pricing on those manza exhaust system (pacesetter cat back) and they never replyed on me !!.... cuz its no longer in the performance book (you know the Keystone catalog they sell 1100page) so im gonna call them tomorow !!.... ill leave you a shot on those im also trying to get my hand on the headers they make...

Ill get some price quote by Canadian tire and ill let you know !! :)

Maybe we could get a deal if we buy in double !! ;)
get to ... they have it there... its the american site of Keystone we got here....

Monza exhaust syst... 122.82 Us $$
Headers (pacesetter) 197.89 us$$

Last time ive checked at Canadian tire they could get the headers at 338$ canadian...
hey guys might want to checkout or with nopi, you will want to check out there e cat and if im not mistaken they should have it for a little cheaper than keystone. hope that helped
I looked into a Pacesetter cat-back system a few years ago, and the only model B12 they listed it for was the Sport Coupe. For some reason, they said it was not recommended to fit the sedans. There is a slight difference between the two rear exhaust sections on the Sport Coupe and the sedans, but I don't remember what it is. Has anyone tried to put one on a sedan?
I've got a Pacesetter exhaust on my '90 Sentra 2-door sedan. To be honest, I'm not really sure of the size. I installed it in my garage on jackstands. It is not a full "cat-back". You have to cut your pipe where it comes up over the right rear suspension and then connect it there. I suppose if you were having totally new exhaust installed, they could make you a new mid-pipe to go from the cat to the Pacesetter rear-section. It is well-built and isn't too loud. I got mine from Summit Racing Equipment for $112.
i would have though it would be a full mid section + over link and muffler combo.... at that price its sure isnt over priced but here... at 300$ can i can get a mandrel bent cat back /stain less w/o muffler wich i already have...

so its around 200 for the alu one... plus muffler 129... 329CAN$$...

you paint it with VHT and voila !!... you got as good if not better than the pace setter....

anyway im still waiting after Candian tire too show me the price on those....
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