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Every now and then, my engine shudders a bit and throws either a p0300 or a p1320 code. A friend who also has a pathfinder has a similar issue.
I recently replaced all the plugs, thinking that might solve a part of the problem, and it was a little better for a little while.
I suspected it might be bad gas - ran a tank of premium through it and had no problems. In fact, I get much better mileage on premium, but that's a whole other story. So, I've been alternating premium with regular, but recently the intermittency of the problem has been increasing, (more often) and now it shudders at highway speeds whereas before it was only on startup.

I read somewhere here that it might be ignition coils - but why would that cause an intermittent problem? Could it be something like a clogged fuel filter, and the engine's not actually getting enough? That's certainly what it feels like - when your tank is on fumes and the engine is ready to die.

Obviously I'd rather not have to replace all 6 coils if I don't have to. I really haven't had many problems with this vehicle and might be trying to get rid of it soon. I do have a code reader because I live in the far north and the mechanics up here are tools. All they ever told me was that it was a Nissan code, got me to cough up $55, and didn't even bother to clear it. I had to go back and ask. (a sensor issue 2 yrs ago). Nearest dealership 6hrs South.

Thanks for any help/suggestions on how I could isolate this problem a little better before I break down and take it in to the mechanic.
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