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I had the 0400, part thread below..........

Originally Posted by smacktime
I read my OBDII and got codes P0340 & P0400
Something to do with the Exhuast gas recirculation (p0400) and cam position sensor A (p0340). What is causing me to lose speed and cause my car to choke at 3000 rpm

I have the P0400 code, EGR and EGR temp sensor.
I searched here (hint hint) and found that the rubber hose under the EGR-BPT falls apart and is a common cause.
Sure enough mine was rotten and had a hole, this is a small hose with a right angle bend. I tried a straight hose replacement but it collapsed.
From the dealership this was part 14755-0B701 at 10.79 list.
Replaced it but have not reset the ECU or done enough miles and restarts to reset it yet.
Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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