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I recently swapped engines from a 94 model to my 96 Altima. Here is the breakdown. Perhaps someone can offer me some advice please?

Symptom: Gauge registers, but after a minute or so, the temp gauge hits hot. The exhaust blows a little grey/white smoke, bt not that bad (smells like burnt oil), but car still purrs like a cat. No misses or strain.

Repairs: Replaced the water pump and did a "trouble shoot" on the cooling fans. Both fans work properly (HI-Low) functions properly.

-Flushed radiator and block, replaced with 50/50.

-New radiator cap

-replaced Coolant temp sensor

-replaced thermostat (170deg)

-No water in oil, valve cover cap has no residue buildup.

Could this be an indicator of a blown head gasket?

No compression test done yet.

Thanks for reading,
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