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I am about to start to rebuild an engine and was wanting some opions on whether to get forged pistons or keep the ones that I have and just install new rings. The current pistons are 87.5mm nissan pistons that have a heat insulation coating on them. Any other recommendations of things to include on the rebuild are more than welcome. Here is most of the list of current parts that I have for the rebuild:
ported intake runners
different cams
sport 500 turbos
jwt dual pop charger
555cc/m injectors
stillen exhaust
random technology cats w/ 2.5 in pipes
sequintial blow off valves
5 angle valve job
bigger oil cooler
bigger radiator
stillen intercoolers
upgraded valve springs
tuned ecu (for the current setup)
arp rod bolts
hks evc
hks turbo timer
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