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Blackk Magikk said:
yeah I kinda want the real "clean" look. Ive seen gunmetal wheels and they look like the donut tire wheels from a distance lol (Ive never seen them in real life only in pictures so maybe they look better). But many of the ppl I talk to say that gunmetal looks a lot better on white than white wheels would. Its like half and half. Half say white and half say gunmetal. So I figured Id ask you guys here for your opinions. :)

I dont think that I have the money for bronze wheels :(

So Im trying to make a decision. Im buying some whithin the next week or so but I just cant decide.
if someone says that your wheels look like steelies (if you got the gunmetal) then they dont know enough about cars/customizing cars for thier opinion to matter to you.
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