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One of the fastest 1.6

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My homeboy has a jap 1.6 with a dirty WAI,Headders,exhaust,stock piping,a dug out CAT and an 17inch
focals and he ran a 16.8 at Moroso. Anyone got anything better?

Plus he tops out a 120 mph,and what?

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chef said:
In Jamaica, I have a bank account that started when I was 6yrs old with 10,000 US dollars which is 488,800 Jamaican dollars. Now with interest over the years and me not touching the account until recently, it has grown quite a bit so I used some of the money to pay for the R33 as well as selling my Lancer Evo III. As far as the dyno I got approved for a nice size loan so I will probably take it.

Actually what I might do is go to NOPI Nationals this weekend and do some dyno runs up there. We shall see.

Very smart, that's what I call saving your money. Act like you broke all the time and when you really do need it, it's there!!! I know you got the R33 for dirt cheap. Prolly bought it from someone who was sellin it. Like these others, you're not sponsored, which makes a big difference. No high class dyno shops, or pretty turbos, just hard labor, friends, and regular shops. I respect you dogg. Keep doing yo thang.
1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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