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One of the fastest 1.6

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My homeboy has a jap 1.6 with a dirty WAI,Headders,exhaust,stock piping,a dug out CAT and an 17inch
focals and he ran a 16.8 at Moroso. Anyone got anything better?

Plus he tops out a 120 mph,and what?

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chef said:
I own one, white R33, but it is currently overseas in Jamaica sitting in a garage.
Are you Jamaican? I was planning on going down next summer to visit my grandparents, but hey, if you're gonna be driving a Skyline, I'll come down with you when you're going. Where you staying? :D
Damn wanna adopt me? :D j/k I'd be staying in kingston...kinda far from Ochi...unless you wanna bring the skyline to me. :D

Well, I have similar aspirations to you Chef...when I was little I used to go watch rally racing with my father...a friend of ours used to race a Toyota aim is to build a rally car in Ja. so I can have some fun when I go visit. :D

BTW, my uncle told me that they use NOS like crazy down there. ;)
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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